North Columbia Farms - Serving Stevens and Ferry County Washington
              Now Serving Stevens and Ferry County Washington
These pictures will give you a little idea of what life is like on a small family farm, we hope you enjoy them.

There is alot of work involved in preparing the soil.

There are alot of rocks in the mountains.

They need to be removed.

A strong fence is needed for stopping the free ranging cows, deer, and bears.

Cedar the German Shepherd dog patrols the farm and protects it
from four legged trespassers of many different varieties.

Micaiah finds a nest of other garden helpers!

Young non-GMO Super Sweet corn. Notice the lack of weeds?
We get rid of them with garden hoes. We are finding that there is little need for chemicals.

Micaiah inspects a young row of corn.

These are not grapes, they are Damson plums, if allowed to ripen fully on the tree they have both
a sweet and tart flavor to them. They are so good that we will eat dozens at one meal.

These young strawberry plants are putting out runners, from which new plants will grow.

A young plant is starting to grow strawberries.

An everbearing strawberry ripening some sweet juicy berries.

Happy farmers.

Some blueberries ripening in the sun.

Our blueberry plants love sawdust, it helps their roots, helps the soil,
and protects them from the cold winters.

Preparing for cold winters is a big task.

Loading the trailer with cord wood takes alot of time.

Micaiah helps sharpen the chainsaw.

Finally the wood gets stacked in the woodshed.

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